Jonathan Woodman - Environmental Asset Artist

About Me

My name is Jonathan Woodman and I am a 28 year old 3D artist with an insatiable interest in computers and videogames. My father is a programming graduate and I fondly remember our experiments creating graphics on his 486. What I consider our greatest achievement was a rudimentary Grand Theft Auto clone. At the age of 16 I began editing Half-Life levels and my fate was sealed.

Over the following years I experimented with various aspects of games design: scripting, modelling, rigging, graphics and animation. Three years later I developed a love for the multiplayer triumph Counter-Strike, and I found myself immersed in the world of professional gaming. I helped establish one of the UK's most prominent news websites as lead writer, eventually becoming a staff writer for websites such as AMD Gamer, Gotfrag and Team Fnatic. Ultimately, dabbling in the creation of custom maps drew me back to games modification with a renewed vigour.

Over the next four years I became involved with a series of modification teams and personal projects, interacting and creating with a diverse range of people, some of whom remain good friends to this day. My ambitions eventually lead me to apply to a university in order to study Games Art. During my time here, I won my university's Summer Games Art Competition twice, and was selected to help teach first year students in a fledgling ambassador program. Although this wonderful experience has now reached its end, it has been a journey of discovery, knowledge and appreciation. I feel that university has crystallised and focused my skills, knowledge and goals.

The biggest challenge facing me is to now make my way into the world of professional games development. I seek to work in an environment of talented people and develop my abilities whilst helping to create beautiful and exciting games.